One of the difficulties artisan jewellery makers often face is encountering misconceptions about how their jewellery is priced.  Jewellery pricing structures vary widely between large retailers and manufacturers, designer makers, part-timers and hobbyists for all sorts of reasons.  Method of manufacture, quality and sourcing of materials, level of skill and overhead costs are all important considerations when it comes to setting a price, but they’re not the only determiners of value.

It is important for you, the client, to decide how you determine what is valuable about the jewellery item you are considering purchasing.  Is it really all about price?  Does quality of materials, workmanship and design give you peace of mind that your jewellery investment will withstand the rigours of time and wear?  Does it feel reassuring that you can reach your designer maker personally by simply picking up the telephone?  Does it comfort you to know that your jewellery has been made in England by a highly skilled professional and not in an unknown location where unfair labour practices may well be rampant?  Does it feel good knowing that the purity of your jewellery item's precious metal has been tested and verified through a strict hallmarking process by London's prestigious Goldsmiths' Company Assay Office?  Does supporting a UK based artisan matter to you?

The prices you see on this website, or those provided in commissions quotes, are carefully calculated so that the answers to the above questions can always be yes when you buy jewellery from my website.

You feeling really great about the jewellery I’ve made for you is truly valuable to me.

                                                                                                                                           Love, Jennifer